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    A Wide range of Legal Service that Abeer Al Dahmani Office has the legal expertise to offer in a professional manner, Get in touch with us and we are sure you will have the rest of mind from any Legal issue.

    Legal Consulting

    In both Arabic and English, in all legal aspects that both individuals and companies may face in their daily life.. READ MORE


    Labor Issues

    Represents employees and employers in related lawsuits before labor courts in issues related to demanding and settling receivables..READ MORE


    Criminal Action

    represents clients in various criminal cases, such as violations, misdemeanors, or felonies before courts of the first instance...READ MORE


    Family Matters

    Represents individuals in family disputes, whether Muslims or non-Muslims wither by representing them in defense or pleading on their..READ MORE


    Debt Collection

    Has a team of highly qualified and experienced experts in the field of debt collection, settlement and re-scheduling...READ MORE


    Litigation & Conflict

    recruited a dependable, most trusted, and reliable team of national lawyers supported by a number of legal advisors with extensive...READ MORE


    Commercial Companies

    Commercial Companies and their establishing process in the United Arab Emirates are distinguished by their special...READ MORE



    for foreign documents issued abroad as well as certification services for documents required by foreign authorities abroad... READ MORE

    Contract with pen

    Contract Drafting

    represent contract drafting services in both Arabic and English languages. The drafting services includes drafting all forms of contracts...


    Banks and Finance

    works on the basis of the legal legitimacy specified by the provisions of the Civil Procedure Law No. 11 of 1992 as amended by Law ... READ MORE



    Representation in all cases related to IT regulations leads to comprehensive consulting services that cover your business...READ MORE


    Leases & Rental Disputes

    There is no doubt that United Arab Emirates is one of the countries that rely heavily on real estate investment, and from... READ MORE


    Lawyer Abeer Al-Dahmani is one of the distinguished women lawyers in the United Arab Emirates and has more than 10 years experience in the field of law and legal practice , The office has a good reputation, as lawyer Abeer is interested in appointing the best lawyers who have experience in the field of law for many years. The office deals in all kinds of civil, commercial, criminal and labor cases.

    Our Team

    Full-service, with the emphasis on service. That’s how our attorneys approach client relationships. No matter the business or legal need, we can assemble the right team to get the job done with passion and pragmatism.

    Mabrook Ali

    Corporate Lawyer

    Osama Abdulla

    Corporate Lawyer

    Kareem AlBaz

    Corporate Lawyer

    Asmaa AlWakeel

    Legal Accountant

    Ahmed Fakher

    Corporate Lawyer

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